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Chartwells' CEO

Lisa McEuenLisa McEuen
CEO, Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services

As the recognized leader in the educational dining services market, Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services partners with over 270 colleges and universities of all sizes across the U.S. Chartwells is proud to help its clients by managing foodservice operations more efficiently and profitably while growing sustainably to help colleges and universities retain and recruit students. Chartwells has built its reputation and established its business model on fundamental principles that have proven, long-term success for stakeholders. Through accountability, controlling costs and investing in our great people, Chartwells' proven business insight and industry expertise allows teams to provide award winning dining services and remain ahead of the competition. While the industry continues to adapt to changing global conditions that affect the U.S. commercial foodservice industry, Chartwells remains committed to ensuring that clients and guests receive the highest quality, nutritious cuisine and service they deserve.

In 1997, Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services was founded and later built a solid foundation around its Eat.Learn.Live. brand philosophy, developed from research that identified the needs and desires of Millennial generation students heading to college.
From that research, as well as from ongoing research today, Chartwells is able to understand current and evolving dining trends that support the creation of new operations customized for each unique campus, new programs, cutting edge innovations, and much more. With Generation Z replacing Millennials on college campuses, Chartwells has launched its new brand and will be known as the place "Where Hungry Minds Gather."

Chartwells is committed to providing today's students, faculty and guests with quality, healthy, satisfying cuisine and meals that are nutritious and great value for their money. Coupled with award winning YouFirst superior guest service, Chartwells' associates enhance the dining experience through meaningful interaction to improve guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Additionally, Chartwells has historically been dedicated to health, wellness, nutrition and sustainability within its operations. And through Balanced U, another award winning platform, Chartwells has provided students and guests with the resources, knowledge and cuisine that supports healthy lifestyles. Furthermore, Balanced U uses technology to enhance each student's dining experience by providing nutrition information, menus and ingredients, in particular for individuals with food sensitivities or allergies, via kiosks, apps, or online access to name a few.

Regarding the importance of sustainability, Chartwells was at the forefront of promoting sustainable practices along with ethically produced products and services throughout its operations since the company's inception. Chartwells continues to support local communities and social causes by helping to maintain many economically viable campus communities by providing employment opportunities and supporting local purchasing initiatives. And with our own design and build team, Novus Group, Chartwells is steadfast in creating campus dining environments that are inviting, comfortable, convenient and sustainably-built or renovated for the benefits of our clients, communities and students to enjoy.

From customized menus describing cuisine prepared fresh in our dynamic dining venues to favorite restaurant brands, event catering, concessions, vending and food trucks, Chartwells is proud to satisfy each hungry guest dining on campus. Chartwells' commitment to work closely with clients, students and faculty to create customized dining operations that meet and satisfy every guest's needs to enhance their academic experience is the reason why we are so successful. On behalf of Chartwells, I want to thank you for your interest in our company and services. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.


Lisa McEuen
Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services

Commitment Letter

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