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Montclair State University Partners With Chartwells

Published: Sun, Sep 28th, 2014

Montclair State University has selected Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services as its partner to manage all foodservice on campus, including concessions and catering, beginning June 13, 2014. Canteen was also chosen to provide healthier vending selections using state of the art vending machines.

A committee of students, faculty, and staff selected Chartwells to bring Montclair State University's dining program to the next level. Chartwells was chosen based on its customized presentation which demonstrated exciting venue renovations and enhancements to campus dining. The tailored dining program focused on fresh, healthy food, variety, popular retail brands, superior guest service, sustainability, and the use of cutting edge technology to improve the speed of service and guest satisfaction, to name a few. Chartwells' comprehensive strategy will invigorate all dining operations, vending, catering, and concessions that will support local purchasing and the campus community. Meal plans will also be enhanced to promote participation among commuters and students living in apartments.

Chartwells' President and CEO, Steve Sweeney, said, "Chartwells is committed to advancing the campus dining program to attract and retain students for years to come. We are proud to become part of Montclair State University and build upon its rich history and strong foundations that have been established throughout its existence since 1908."

Retail Dining Improvements
Changes to retail dining venues on campus will take place over a two year period. Chili's just opened at The Plaza at Blanton. Which Wich and Red Hawk Yogurt should open this year. Au Bon Pain Bakery Café, opening this Monday, will be located at Café Diem in the Sprague Library.

Students will see Chartwells' internal brands including 2.Mato and Chop'd in the Rathskeller, Sono Celebrate Latin, and Passport, which offers a variety of authentic ethnic cuisine, as well as Olo Sushi and The Red Hawk Grill in the Student Center Cafe. The Dunkin' Donuts and Einstein Bros Bagels locations are popular brands and have remained on campus. Menus have been enhanced to increase variety at the 24/7 Red Hawk Diner, the Bistro 62 in Sam's Place and at both mobile food trucks. Students are able to use Twitter to locate both trucks throughout the day as they travel to the busiest areas on campus.

Student Center Renovations
The Student Center dining venues will be completely renovated for the fall 2015 semester and will include enclosing the patio area off of the dining room.  In this new space Jamba Juice and a local pizzeria will be featured. Using Chartwells technology-driven Student Choice program, students will vote on which of three popular local pizzerias will be added to the food court. Montclair State University will also be the first college campus in the U.S. to open a California Tortilla Southwest location. Chartwells' propriety brands including Grill Nation, Chickendipity, and So Deli will be introduced at the new Student Center Food Court as well. Additionally, the Rathskeller, located downstairs, will be completely renovated and will be converted to Panda Express.

Quick Cuisine for On-the-Go Students
All convenience stores, as well as the University Hall location, have been converted to Chartwells' signature Outtakes Quick Cuisine. The convenience store in Blanton is now also Outtakes. The Student Center's convenience store has been converted to Outtakes. Additionally, Outtakes Quick Cuisine will be located by the residence halls on Clove Road at a future date.

All grab and go options on campus will use local ingredients wherever possible under the name Jersey Fresh Outtakes Food to Go. Students will also have an Outtakes to go station in both resident dining halls providing convenience and great tasting grab and go sandwiches and salads.

Residential Dining
Both residential dining venues on the Montclair State University campus have undergone a transformation to meet the needs of a growing student body.  Freeman Dining Hall has been converted into Chartwells' new cutting edge Balance Kitchen concept. The Balance Kitchen menu focuses on a variety of fresh, local, sustainable, and healthful options that meet specific nutritional requirements and criteria.

Menu items can still be ordered by students via a touch screen kiosk in the Freeman Dining Hall. In response to student feedback, a new made to order station called Innovation Kitchen Jersey Fresh has been introduced in the serving area to improve speed of service. Likewise, a self-assisted concept created by Chartwells, known as myPantry, allows students to help themselves in a kitchen similar to what they would find in the comfort of their own homes.

Chartwells' Pulse on Dining
Sam's Place, located on the northern part of campus, has been converted into Chartwells' award winning, proprietary, residential dining brand known as Pulse on Dining. This residential dining environment was designed to create a distinctive experience for students that support their unique lifestyles, eating habits, and busy schedules.  Dining platforms within Pulse on Dining include The Kitchen, Eat. Learn. Live., Baker's Crust, Hearth Stone Ovens, Fresh Market, and myPantry.  Each platform provides different variety and cuisine to satisfy different appetites. In addition, a new Outtakes station will be added to the entranceway with grab and go items next year.  During the lunch and dinner periods on a periodic basis, the Bistro 62 space serves as an upscale restaurant within Pulse on Dining allowing students to purchase premium items like New York strip steak, swordfish, crab cakes and shrimp scampi, to name a few, for a small extra charge.

Chartwells has introduced multiple technology components including LCD screens in all dining operations, mobile ordering and payment solutions, nutrition kiosks and order kiosks, and a smartphone app. A text messaging feedback system will allow students to instantly connect with Chartwells on campus to provide comments relating to the dining program. A new dining services web site was launched at where students can find current menus, purchase a meal plan or Flex Dollars, view upcoming events, find nutrition information, use various nutritional tools, connect to various social media outlets, print coupons, and much more.

Canteen on Campus
Canteen was selected to operate all vending services on campus due to its experience in the industry, unparalleled marketing and merchandising programs, and exceptional guest service.  Canteen will replace all vending machines on campus and provide new machines featuring state-of-the-art technology including touch screens and energy-efficient LED lighting. The machines will also be set up to accept the Montclair State University's Red Hawk Card.

"Canteen is excited by the opportunity to serve Montclair State University," says Canteen CEO Peter Fetherston. "We look forward to implementing market-leading technology and a refreshed product selection that caters to the wide range of preferences among students, faculty and staff."

Canteen will focus on wellness for Montclair State University through Chartwells' Balanced U program that uses an icon system to identify better-for-you options, vegetarian options, vegan options and sustainable food choices. Canteen will also feature 2bU machines that focus on local, organic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO snack and beverage options from emerging companies, as well as, popular name brands. New better-for-you snack and beverage options will be available in all machines. 

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