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Kristine AndrewsKristine Andrews
National Communications Director - Media Relations, Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services

We had a great run with Chartwells' website and award winning digital publication named Chartwells Magazine which was created to provide the latest news and information about Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services.

Intended as a resource meant to engage multiple audiences and stakeholders, the website and digital newsletter formats are portals for visitors interested in learning about everything that Chartwells has to offer.

I am excited to let everyone know that we have refreshed our website and publication to reflect the new brand re-launch and have renamed them Chartwells Monthly.

Anyone can sign-up to receive the Chartwells Monthly e-publication by joining here or by visiting this website to view the latest edition and past editions of Chartwells Magazine.

I would like to personally extend a warm welcome as you explore Chartwells Monthly and our newsletter archives which represent Chartwells' commitment to informing, connecting, and engaging visitors. From student, parent, or media inquiries, to Requests for Foodservice Proposals from potential clients, visitors can connect with Chartwells here, knowing that departments are reachable and responsive.

If you have any questions about Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Kristine Andrews
National Communications Director - Media Relations
Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services



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