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Balanced U

Chartwells' Health, Wellness and Sustainability Platform

Laura LappLaura Lapp
RDN, Vice President of Nutrition and Sustainability, Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services

Balanced U"Balanced U" is Chartwells' all-encompassing national award winning health, wellness and sustainability platform. In 2012, Balanced U was awarded the first Operator Innovations Award in the Health and Nutrition category by the National Restaurant Association.

Balanced U was designed to provide healthy meals through enhanced menu development and educational wellness tools to engage students and faculty about healthier lifestyle dining options. Chartwells engages students through various social media outlets and campus specific technologies providing students with instant access to various nutrition information.

Using an iconic identification system, Chartwells dining services teams help guide guests to healthier food options. Whether students are in need of certain foods for athletic or fitness reasons, counting calories, or looking for vegetarian, vegan or made without gluten meals, the Balanced U program caters to those needs.

To meet the needs and expectations of students with gluten sensitivity, Chartwells developed a full set of recipes for all meal time periods that focus primarily on foods that naturally do not contain gluten.  Chartwells also accommodates students with various other food sensitivities as part of the Balanced U program.

In addition to health and wellness initiatives, Balanced U encompasses sustainability components including:

  • Balanced U Components
    Eat Green supports ethical eating through partnerships with organizations that provide sustainability sourced products and services to Chartwells.
  • Build Green refers to green construction and renovations. The drive for green construction and renovations on college campuses has dramatically increased. Through its own design and build team, Novus Group coordinates new build outs and renovations for client colleges and universities.
  • Run Green refers to Chartwells' programs that ensure all daily operations are managed according to green standards to help reduce all forms of waste and increase efficiency.
  • Return Green teaches associates and students about Chartwells' initiatives relating to recycling, re-using and composting.

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